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FTSE Bursa Malaysia KLCI 30 Index Components are the must know for those who invest unit trust or FKLI in Malaysia. You will have a better market view if you know these companies’ stock performance.

FBM KLCI 30 Index Components

  1. AMMB (1015) – AMMB Holding Berhad
  2. AXIATA (6888) – Axiata Group Berhad
  3. BAT (4162) – British American Tobacco (M)
  4. CIMB (1023) – CIMB Group Holdings Berhad
  5. DIGI (6947) – DiGi.com Berhad
  6. GAMUDA (5398) – Gamuda Berhad
  7. GENM (4715) – Genting Malaysia Berhad
  8. GENTING (3182) – Genting Berhad
  9. HLBANK (5819) – Hong Leong Bank Berhad
  10. HLFG (1082) – Hong Leong Financial Group Berhad
  11. IOICORP (1961) – IOI Corporation Berhad
  12. KLK (2445) – Kuala Lumpur Kepong Berhad
  13. MAS (3786) – Malaysian Airline System Berhad
  14. MAXIS (6012) – Maxis Berhad
  15. MAYBANK (1155) – Malayan Banking Berhad
  16. MISC (3816) – MISC Berhad
  17. MMCCORP (2194) – MMC Corporation Berhad
  18. PBBANK (1295) – Public Bank Berhad
  19. PCHEM (5183) – Petronas Chemicals Group Berhad
  20. PETDAG (5681) – Petronas Dagangan Berhad
  21. PETGAS (6033) – Petronas Gas Berhad
  22. PLUS (5052) – PLUS Expressways Berhad
  23. PPB (4065) – PPB Group Berhad
  24. RHBCAP (1066) – RHB Capital Berhad
  25. SIME (4197) – Sime Darby Berhad
  26. TENAGA (5347) – Tenaga Nasional Berhad
  27. TM (4863) – Telekom Malaysia Berhad
  28. UMW (4588) – UMW Holdings Berhad
  29. YTL (4677) – YTL Corporation Berhad
  30. YTLPOWR (6742) – YTL Power International Berhad


Is December good time to invest in stock market? That’s the question that I ask myself lately. I did not buy any stock after selling Tanjong plc stock last month. And plan to buy back it again now. But when is the question. Therefore, I did some research on the previous years’ performance on the month of December. Let’s see the history speak for itself. Anyway, past historical record does not mean that it will perform as same as before. Stock market is not predictable. But you can know it better by studying more.

December 2008 KLCI vs Dow

As you can see, KLCI gains around 4% while Dow at 8% on December 2008. Below are the record from 2007 onward…

2007 – KLCI 2% gain while Dow flat
2006 – Both around 2% gain
2005 – KLCI 1.5% gain but Dow 1.5% loss
2004 – KLCI 1% loss but Dow 2% gain
2003 – KLCI flat while Dow 5% gain
2002 – KLCI 4% gain but Dow 6% loss
2001 – KLCI 8% gain and Dow 3% gain
2000 – KLCI 6% loss but Dow 1% gain
1999 – KLCI 9% gain and Dow 1% gain
1998 – KLCI 6% gain and Dow 4% gain
1997 – KLCI 13% gain while Dow flat
1996 – KLCI 1% gain but Dow 1% loss
1995 – KLCI 2% gain and Dow 1% gain

Woo… There are lot of blue colour ~ gain. I have my answer now. The stock market for December 2009 will likely go up. ๐Ÿ˜‰


Tanjong Plc is one of the 30 FBM KLCI stocks. It is independent power producer and Malaysian number forecasting operator (lottery). It is a good defensive stock because of its attractive 6.28% dividend yield (based on RM14.30 market price). With current fixed deposit rate of 2.5% per annual, Tanjong Plc is good to invest due to its good track of historical dividend payout.

Tanjong Plc performance since June 2009

I started to study the research done by OSK Research, Standard & Poorโ€™s (S&P) Equity Research by Public Bank and Maybank Investment Bank. The 12-month target prices given by these research firms are about the same RM18.60, RM17.00 and RM17.60. I checked back the previous recommended target price. OSK Research gave a very aggressive price that cannot be reached. S&P is still okay to follow but failed to reach too. Why? It is all because of other factors like economy, politics. Therefore, we should only use it as guidance. Study and make your own decision.

What price should we sell? Nope. I don’t sell attractive dividend yield stock. We should keep it unless the company is not performing anymore. The question we should ask… What price should I buy? Buy at the discounted price during economy downturn. Normally, people stay away from stock market. But that’s the best time to buy these high dividend yield stocks actually.


I was wondering about the direction of stock market last month. I bought a defensive stock to keep as the market is not clear that time. However, everybody like the earning report from big US company like Intel and Goldman Sachs. They did well in last quarter. Intel share price gained more than 5% after earning announced. Same go to the 3 big indexes – Dow, NASDAQ and S&P, up more than 3%.

FBM KLCI 5 years record

FBM KLCI re-bounced at March 2009. It is a big re-bounced. Can it continue to the rally? It is Q2 earning report season. And most of the companies performed well. So the stock will go up, right? In my opinion, YES!!! The stock market should be going up for the next few weeks. Anyway, I am not going to buy any stock now. But looking for the timing to sell some of my ‘goreng’ stocks.

Stock market — Down == buy, Up == sell. ๐Ÿ™‚