The stock market is going up up up!!!

I was wondering about the direction of stock market last month. I bought a defensive stock to keep as the market is not clear that time. However, everybody like the earning report from big US company like Intel and Goldman Sachs. They did well in last quarter. Intel share price gained more than 5% after earning announced. Same go to the 3 big indexes – Dow, NASDAQ and S&P, up more than 3%.

FBM KLCI 5 years record

FBM KLCI re-bounced at March 2009. It is a big re-bounced. Can it continue to the rally? It is Q2 earning report season. And most of the companies performed well. So the stock will go up, right? In my opinion, YES!!! The stock market should be going up for the next few weeks. Anyway, I am not going to buy any stock now. But looking for the timing to sell some of my ‘goreng’ stocks.

Stock market — Down == buy, Up == sell. 🙂