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My blogs was hit by Google Panda Update badly last year. 10% traffic dropped when Google Panda first launched at US. Another 20% dropped when rolled out to international. Well, I managed to recover the loss traffic by writing more quality articles. And I did not do much search engine optimization (SEO) on my blogs since then. No traffic performance hit when Google launched another search engine algorithm update – Google Penguin. My blogs was safe until now…

Hit by Google Panda / Penguin Update

Err… Google Panda / Penguin Update did it again. I don’t know it is Google Panda or Google Penguin that is causing the problem. My blog – JayceOoi.com suffered 15% traffic drop. No issue on other 2 blogs – spBlogger.com and PrettyGirl2u.com.

Gain by Google Panda / Penguin Update

There is loss and gain. But the losses are far more than gaining. Lot of pages loss more than 50 to 70% while only a few pages increased. Hmm… How many months to I need to recover from this latest Google Panda / Penguin Update?


Yeah… I have 2 Google AdSense payments issued by Google this month. Shhh… Don’t tell anyone. I think Google made a mistake here by giving out 2 payments for me.

2 Google AdSense payments

Mistake made by Google? Yes, maybe once in a while. But not in my case. Then how can I get 2 Google AdSense payments in 1 month? Leave a comment if you know the answer. Tips – payment through Western Union. 😉


Google Panda… You won’t be unfamiliar with Google Panda if you are a blogger who focus much on blog traffic. Google implemented new search algorithm called Google Panda back in end of February 2011. It affect English Google search engine result in US only. Then rolled out to international Google search engine in April 2011. Lot of low quality websites are affected. Some websites gain lot of traffic and some lost. And I noticed some of the Malaysia blogs also are affected with it. From time to time, Google released Google Panda 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 2.4 and 2.5 releases. Do they help to improve some of the lost traffic blogs?

Graph 1

Graph 2

Graph 3

Apparently no, based on above graphs from DoubleClick Ad Planner. These websites do not seem to recover from Google Panda attacks. Same apply to me.


Lost is lost… I did not manage to gain back those pages which rank top in the first page of Google search engine. I tried several methods but still failed to recover from Google Panda. So did Google Panda ‘kill’ pro blogger? No, at least for me. I still manage to gain back some traffic by writing more quality articles. Took me 5 – 6 months to fully recover. As I always said, article’s quality is the most important. Of course, writing popular keywords’ articles also help.

Do you manage to recover from Google Panda Update?


How to recover from Google Panda Update? I tried lot of methods like optimizing my website by fixing HTML issues on Google Webmaster Tools. De-index all the category and tag pages from Google search index. All the paged pages (like page 2, page 3) are de-indexed too. But none of them are helping to improve the traffic in my case. So what did I do to improve my blog traffic?

JayceOoi.com daily unique visitors

Finally, JayceOoi.com is getting back some traffic after international Google Panda Update on April. Recovery is hard and pain. Why? I had to write more quality articles to replace those lost traffic. Yes, the latest increased traffic is coming from new articles. I did not manage to gain back those lost traffic on certain keywords. They are gone forever. But this is not end of the world, we still can write better and more quality articles, right?


Google PageRank updated again. Actually, does Google really care much about PageRank anymore after Google Panda Update? I had done lot of things to improve Google search ranking. And I do not know which one actually helps. Anyway, JayceOoi.com had been granted back PR4 from PR3. And spBlogger.com had been promoted to PR3 from PR2. Finally, PrettyGirl2u.com dropped to PR1 from PR2. But none of them have traffic increased or decreased with this pagerank update.

Googe PageRank
Google PageRank

As at 28 June 2011
JayceOoi.com – Level 4
spBlogger.com – Level 3
PrettyGirl2u.com – Level 1

Does your blog Google PageRank improve?