Thanks Innity for its 2nd payment

Yeah… I received 2nd payment from Innity. Once again, I am happy with Innity auto bank in cheque to Maybank service. I don’t need to go out and cash in myself.

2nd Innity cheque

But… But… But the second payment was delayed again. Based on the Innity Publisher FAQ, I should get my November payment by end of December 2009. But I only received it now. They should update the FAQ. And I think my December payment will be not reach me by end of this month too. 😛

  • Nice. Can bank in directly to Maybank account 😀

  • This is great, this is really motivating… Thanks for sharing.

  • Innity pays better huh? but have difficulties getting blogs to approved by it

    • Yes (if compare to other local ad companies). But no Innity campaigns running lately == no income.

  • Heard their office in Kelana Jaya. Now the name quite established liao 😀

    • Nearby my rent house only. Should be very reliable 😛

  • Congratulation ! this really motive me to get G adsense account. But I heard it’s hard to get one..

  • Nice! I wanna try Innity someday. Applying now would probably get rejected. 😀

  • Nice payment. 🙂 Nowadays, the Innity earning is less than before. May be lack of advertisers?

    • My blog is on technology channel. Getting almost nothing these few days. Which channel does your blog fall in?

  • naz

    whoaa, impressive! btw i’m new with innity. i started about a month. overall my unique visitors is 3000-4000 perday. till now my revenue still not much & under performance. how can i improve my revenue? any tips or trick?

    • Walao… 3-4k visitors are a lot. 😀
      Innity January ad inventory is extremely low == low revenue for us. My blog is on technology channel. How about yours? Trying to find out which channel is the best… 🙂

      • naz

        actually not that much, it’s between 2000-3000, when i post about current issue like, Aduka Taruna, Gereja, Anugerah Juara Lagu. i get so many trafik from there. my blog is general, not spesific, thats make me concern. i

  •, it around 1-2 month to get our payment?

  • Rokku

    I heard innity dont approve blogspot blogger or wordpress is true?

    • Last time yes. But I can’t find the rules in Innity FAQ already. Maybe they accept it now. 🙂

  • Rokku

    yes they actually have accepted blogspot hosted site,my site have exceed the requirement that innity have ask so perhaps i will apply for innity..great to hear success story with tempted to try it..thanks for replying..