226 Output truncated to 2000 matches

226 Output truncated to 2000 matches… This was what I got when I was trying to backup my blogs files before upgrade to WordPress 2.8. I have a folder that contains more than 2000 files. And the HostMonster hosting that I am using seem does not allow me to download all the file that I want. So I search ‘226 Output truncated to 2000 matches hostmonster’ at Google. Hopefully, I can find a way to solve it.

Here is the solution that I found…

Use the backup feature in cPanel. It will gzip your specified directory and files into a single file, and you can download everything in a compressed format.

There seem like a server limitation to allow 2000 files upload/download only. Besides using the backup feature in cPanel, any other way to fix it? I failed to download the backup due to large backup file size (around 1 GB) and slow Streamyx Internet connection speed.

  • Hmm…maybe if you can write a script to perform the backup it will be easier? My case was using bluehost and I have SSH access and trigger the backup script in background ;).

    Wait….your blog size 1GB liao? Sweat…

  • @Ah Hong: Writing script? SSH? New stuff to me. Need to start learning…

    Near 1 GB… Due to large amount of photo especially http://PrettyGirl2u.com photos. 😀

  • Yaya…writing shell script. I wrote the backup script based on http://www.allguru.net/database/backup-script-for-linux-apache-php-mysql-based-system/

    Hmm, 1GB took very long time to download. And it’s a nightmare since the FTP will disconnect upon Streamyx DSL blink 🙁

  • @Ah Hong: Thanks for the script. Studying now…

  • Do you use Smush.it wordpress plugin before? I think it could help to reduce all your photos size around 20% or more. 1GB files size is really a lot 🙂

  • @Alvin Lim: Nope. Did not use it before. I usually use PhotoShop to reduce the photo size. That is the best ratio quality/size already. Further reduce size will lower the quality already. 😛