Internet income report for June 2010

Welcome Vibrant In-Text Ads as the new member to my make money online list. It became the best among all on its first month joining. Well done! Google AdSense did a great job too by breaking USD 400 level. And it is the most stable income source for the last 3 years.

Internet income report for June 2010

Vibrant – US$ 509.39 (RM 1607.38)
Google AdSense – US$ 413.99 (RM 1306.34)
ADSDAQ – US$ 288.55 (RM 910.51)
Nuffnang – US$ 89.06 (RM 281.04)
Innity – US$ 25.82 (RM 81.48)

Grand Total: US$ 1326.81 (RM 4186.75)

Hmm… USD is getting lower this month with 1 USD == 3.1555 RM. Earning from US advertising is poorer. But on the bright side, I can purchase cheaper stuff from US directly. It’s time to get some photography / video gears from US. 😉

  • Congrat! A handsome income =)

  • hehe..

    jeles la ini macam..every month income bnayak masyuk.

    how many blog do u have to generate income like this?

  • raja

    hi … i think u can post the below information every month in your post such that it will be more useful spblogger … we, the followers of your blog request you to do this such that all readers will be more satisfied … please …

    see this ..

    you can atleast give by numbers in your monthly post… == xxx,xxx Visits & xxx,xxx Pageviews == x,xxx Visits & xx,xxxPageviews == xx,xxx Visits & xx,xxx Pageviews

    i think i will get a positive reply from you …thanks in advance …

    • Thanks for the advice.

      Wow… Steve is doing great with Google AdSense. Traffic is lesser than mine. Cool… 😉

  • raja

    so please start from this post spblogger .. i think u can update the post with the info.. == xxx,xxx Visits & xxx,xxx Pageviews == x,xxx Visits & xx,xxxPageviews == xx,xxx Visits & xx,xxx Pageviews

    please help your readers and i am sure that u will be getting lot more traffic & visitors …

    all the best for your future …

  • Wow, I’m amazed by the Vibrant skyrocket earning. But need to have 500K impression per month as the pre-requisite to join the network?

  • nataji

    what is the total impression of the month u got in Vibrant ???

  • nataji

    oh… thanks 4 ur reply … you can post what raja suggested na ???

  • nataji

    at least you can post your total page impression of the three site by seeing your google adsense report na ???

  • With income like this every month, you can quit your full time job. 🙂

    • Haha… I quit my full time job last month. But July earning dropped a lot. Hopefully, August will be a good month. 😉

      • I was only joking and you really quit your well paying job in Intel? But I guess nothing beats working from home.

        • Work from home is good. But a little bit too freedom already.

          • Having the choice to work from home is blessed and.. you deserve it after lot’s of handwork.

            BTW, i really enjoy reading your monthly report. hehe.

          • Discipline is top most important when working at home.

          • Cool. Another full time blogger in Malaysia now 😉

  • see this

    I noticed ‘Vibrant’ and I remember u coz as far as I know, u are the one who got use this ad network.. besides based on ur blog, getting approved is hard… and he only used new blogspot.. lolz.

  • naz

    nice, look like you’re very good at in text ads. i havent tried any contextual ad, im focusing on link sell. i just afraid that if i put in text ads on my blog, it will disturb my advertiser link on blog post.

  • Working from home is cool.Less travel to work place and it really help alot in petrol saving n tols..At least SP BLOGGEr not need to suffer the stress of bad traffic and irritating boss..hehe

  • Vibrant Ads income is higher than others? That’s cool. But the requirement to join is high…About the US dollar, when I buy stuff from US, I found it cheaper also. I thought is RM3.3 but now is cheaper 😀

    • Hmm… Vibrant Ads income is getting lesser and lesser nowadays. Thinking of going back to Infolinks if it still cannot perform.

  • Ken

    Nice earnings….just wondering though….how much do you pay for your yearly web hosting?

    • USD340.20 for 3 years hosting including dedicated IP.

      • Ken

        Hi thanks for the reply. That sounds affordable for a web host that can take more than 1000 visitors a day. Do u mind telling which web host company is this?

  • vibrant? never heard. I will try now. Hoho..

  • You have not shared your traffic stats. Can you please share it?