Add more ads to improve earning?

Low earning? Not enough income from blog? Just add more advertisements to improve blog earning, right?

I was so lucky to be invited to optimize my website with Google AdSense experts in Malaysia. Did you get the invitation? Too bad that I could not make it to meet them in KL personally. But talking with Google AdSense Optimization Specialist, Harsha through phone is better than nothing.

Improve blog earning

I did not optimize my blog layout and advertisement placements for quite some time. Focus on writing article most of the time. Hoping that writing more quality posts will generate more income. Yes, they really do improve traffic and earning. But that conversation is like a wake up call to me. Tell me to optimize advertisements to get even better earning. So I started to optimize Google AdSense ads on my blogs. Look at ContextWeb ads performance too. Found out that I still can get more income by tweaking here and there. And finally will take time to improve blog layout too. It’s time to do some background work now…

As usual, adding more ads do not mean that you will get more income. You need to monitor their performance and tweak them. Again and again… Only settle down after you get the best result.

  • Wah. So lucky got invite from Google Adsense Malaysia. I am still learning to optimize my ads to get more earning.. Mind to share the tips? 😛

    • Most of the tips can be found on Internet actually. Tweak AdSense colour, size, placement… Your blog ads placements are good already.

      What I did… I added a new medium rectangle ad on top right sidebar. Change ads colour a bit. Maybe will add link ads too (but it is not performing based on my study last time). So far performance seem about the same (maybe a little bit better)…

      • Oic. Maybe I can try to change color a bit and see how the result. My ads not really perform at the best such as the bottom channel. Last time I did add one 160×600. It helps improve a bit.