Advertlets Review

I made a review of Advertlets at back in May 2007. After one year, how did Advertlets perform? Hmm… In short, Advertlets turns from bad to worst.

Advertlets was good before September 2007. It turned bad since September 2007 because the earning dropped sharply. And Advertlets started accuse bloggers for click fraud. I was one of the victims back then. I stopped showing Advertlets Ads back in December 2007.

Josh Lim promised that all the delayed cash out would be sent out according to the schedule Advertlets set. However, I still see bloggers do not receive payment after cash out. More and more bloggers do not get what they deserve.

You can continue serve Advertlets Ads. However, just make sure that you have the time to send a lot of emails, issue support tickets and even call Josh Lim himself to get your payment. I did all these painful steps in order to get my payment.

Do you want to experience it?