– The lies continue…

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I have no faith on and Josh Lim from now on. Why? Read the email from by Advertlets Support on Sat, May 10, 2008 at 3:34 PM below. (See email in picture)

Hi Jayce,

It is unfortunate that you chose to go public with your complaint instead of checking with us first. Your cheque was processed on the 29th of April from our end, and was most likely sent out by the bank around the 3rd of May to the 5th of May.

Given that our central bank is in KL and that your address is in Kedah, and the “reliability” of the Malaysian postal service, it should reach you sometime between the 13th of May to the 20th of May.

While the delay is longer than most cheques should take to arrive, your Cashout history and invalid site activity are key reasons to why you’re receiving your cheque later than most, as we have to exercise more caution in determining invalid earnings.


– –

Advertlets Support

Josh Lim accused me for click frauds last year and now accuses me for not checking with Advertlets Support and him first. And make all of this go public. Come on… Did you check your email and Advertlets Support Ticket ELI-814706 before replied this email? I created a support ticket on 10 March 2008. And my last reply on the ticket is 2 May 2008. Same go to the email. (See the ticket ELI-814706 and email in picture). I am the one that still waiting for your reply. My first public post – Advertlets – The slowest payment advertisement company in town was published on 7 May 2008 after no reply from Advertlets Support and Josh Lim himself. Have I done anything wrong? 😕

Josh Lim lied to me. He said that my first Advertlets cheque will arrive on middle of April. (See email in picture). And now he said that my first Advertlets cheque was processed on the 29th of April from their end on his latest email above. So which one is the correct one? Based on the ticket ELI-814706, Advertlets should have a post at its blog to mention about my case on 7 April 2008. Did you see any post related to this issue back then? I don’t. I just found out the post on 10 May 2008 and it is more than a month delay. So all the payment schedule on that post might be delayed too (if you still lucky to get it 😛 ). Besides, Josh Lim can’t even launch Advertlets 2.0 on its birthday as promised on 14 Feb 2008 blog post. And I doubt the Advertlets Titan program is running too.

Thanks for innit by Nuffnang, which made my post be known by everyone. (See innit in picture.). Some of the loyal Advertlets bloggers start to make noise too. Said that don’t want to put Advertlets ad anymore. (See comments in picture). So what is your call? Keep serving Advertlets ad? 😕

In the end, hopefully, the lies will not continue… 😀

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