Does your blog traffic got affected by Google’s ‘Panda’ Update?

Err… My blog ~ traffic dropped since February 2011. I thought that it was the mistake that I made by changing geographic target in Google Webmaster Tools from United States to Malaysia. However, it was not when Ah Hong told me about Google’s ‘Panda’ Update on 12 April 2011 globally. Google’s ‘Panda’ Update started to take effect on US search result on 24 February 2011. latest traffic stats traffic got hit from Google’s ‘Panda’ Update on 24 February 2011 and 12 April 2011 again. Around 25% in total. So I have to work 25% harder to get more traffic from Google search engine. Surprisingly, my another 2 blogs ~ and are not affected at all with this update. Maybe they are higher-quality sites than

I changed back geographic target in Google Webmaster Tools to United States for in February. But I did not see much increase in traffic. I guessed that it needs to take sometimes to see the effect but I was wrong again. So what should I do? No, I won’t stop here and do nothing. I will start looking to improve my blog to match to Google latest ‘Panda’ algorithm. I will win back all the traffic that I lost.

By the way, I did some keyword testings on Bing and Yahoo. Haha… My blog actually rank higher on those two compare to Google. And I do notice that some ‘spam’ websites which stole my content actually rank higher than mine. Err…

By the way, do you like Google’s ‘Panda’ Update?