Focus on getting traffic not revenue

Money… Money… Money… Not everyone loves money. However, we cannot survive without it. That’s the simple rule of life. We need money to buy food, pay for daily needs and a place to stay. I am one of the participants in the rat race. Hopefully, will get out from there sooner.

Getting more advertising in your blog does not mean to bring more income. And it will slow down the loading of your website. Some of the readers might go away due to too much advertising. They will like to get the information that they need and not the advertising. Unless the advertising match their interest.

My blogs’ loading speed is slow lately. My friends told me else I did not notice it also. It is not directly due to many advertising but the hosting server response. It is slow when you key in the address and you need to wait until around 10 – 20 seconds for the page to start loading. Hmm… What is going on here?

Anyway, I will focus on the content rather than advertising from now on. With better keywords, they do bring more traffic. And that’s good if you have more CPM ads. Else you will have hard to earn if readers don’t click on CPC ads. Just take my blogs for example, my readers don’t like to click on image CPC ads. Therefore, the CPC ads earning is too low compare to CPM ads.

Finally, read more to gain more knowledge. It will help you to write better article == bring more traffic. And make sure your marketing is correct too. 😉