I got my 4th Vibrant In-Text Ads Payment

Yeah… Received Vibrant September payment US$ 257.51 (RM 797.92) after deducted RM 5.00 processing fee. Its earning is getting better and better. Hmm… Maybe it is due to lot of advertisers in Q4. Hopefully, it can continue to perform in the coming year as well.

Vibrant In-Text September Earning

Infolinks will be certified as good make money online tool by spBlogger.com now if Vibrant In-Text Ads did not show up. But this is what we called ~ competition. Vibrant easily beats Infolinks based on my first 6 months with Vibrant. And Infolinks earning from spBlogger.com is getting lesser and lesser. Only got USD 1.04 last month ~ $0.12 Page eCPM. When can I cash out Infolinks earning?