I love Innit by Nuffnang new improvements

Woo… I look back all the Nuffnang posts. The last one was on 13 December 2008. I am not an active Nuffnanger. And I seldom use Innit by Nuffnang. I am just too lazy to type and add post over there. However, the new improvement in Innit by Nuffnang solves my laziness problem. You don’t need to type in order to add post. Innit will retrieve your latest blog post for you.


Hehe… I don’t know when Nuffnang implemented this feature in Innit. Too long did not use Innit because it will attract traffic if your post is interesting. I have 1500% extra hit when using Innit by Nuffnang last time. However, that is the only one that has so many hits. The rest are just below 10 hits.

By the way, in order to use Innit by Nuffnang. You need to be a Glitterati status Nuffnanger. You can earn more with Glitterati status. Lastly, Nuffnang also have a Nuffnang Chatbox in Innit. Welcome to wondering there. But you will hardly see me there. 😛