Internet income report for September 2010

Congratulation to Google AdSense. It is still the best income generator for me. And it broke US$ 500 level. Luckily, Vibrant is back on track too. By the way, ContextWeb is not a new advertising company. It was ADSDAQ (they changed the name). Local advertising companies are not performing well. Getting lesser and lesser ads from them. And I am sad to say good bye to Innity due to under-perform lately. Hope that Innity can back to the games when its technology channel has more ads. Or maybe they can add more channel to

Internet income report for September 2010

Google AdSense – US$ 528.87 (RM 1621.72)
Vibrant – US$ 257.51 (RM 789.62)
ContextWeb – US$ 201.00 (RM 616.34)
BlogAds – US$ 91.00 (RM 279.04)
Nuffnang – US$ 59.70 (RM 183.07)
Innity – US$ 10.14 (RM 31.12)

Grand Total: US$ 1148.22 (RM 3520.91)

1 USD == 3.0664 RM. Ringgit Malaysia is not increasing in value while US Dollar is not dropping anymore. This is good. Hope that US will increase the interest rate sooner and push USD back to higher level so that I can earn more since most of my incomes are from US. has 182,661 visits (28,183 Malaysia visits & 40,259 United States visits) and 381,403 pageviews in September 2010 compare to 55,689 visits (17,878 Malaysia visits & 6,979 United States visits) and 89,486 pageviews in September 2009. US traffic increased a lot for the past 1 year. Thanks to that, earning increased too. RM 3520.91 vs RM 1604.23 (2009).

My 2 cents… Focus on US traffic if you want to earn more money. Hopefully, I can reach my target RM 5,000 or 300,000 visits per month sooner. 😉