INTC downgraded at UBS ~ Price Target to $19.50

Intel stock ~ INTC is not performance well lately. I should have sold my INTC stocks when it reached $24 at 15 April 2010. But too bad that I keep those with me. And have to face it now. The stock value is decreasing and same apply to USD currency too.

INTC stock price @ 9 September 2010

UBS downgraded INTC to a Neutral rating and lower our 12-month price target to $19.50 from $28 via

I keep wondering. Why did I do not sell INTC stock? Why still keeping faith in Intel? Anyway, I have to say goodbye to my stock option which is ‘underwater’ now. It cannot go ‘abovewater’ based on current Intel Q3 sales target. It’s time to open an US stock trading account. And move all INTC stock from UBS (Intel account) to my own account…