Maybank cash withdrawal request online via M2U Online Stocks

Yes, I love this feature ~ Maybank cash withdrawal request online via M2U Online Stocks. If you invest stock with banking online trading like Maybank and Public Bank, you will have another current account for your online stock trading. You need to transfer money into that current account from saving account in order to buy stock. You can transfer in money easily with online banking. However, you cannot withdraw money out from that stock trading current account via online banking. You need to submit form (or fax it) in order to withdraw it out. It is a slow manual steps.

But that’s an old story for Maybank. Maybank allows us to withdraw that account money online via M2U Online Stocks now (I just notice it today, did not use Maybank Online Stock Trading for long time).

Yes, managed to get out RM201.17 that I put in 3 years ago. I got another question… When will Public Bank implement this kind of feature?

  • Ms Ung

    May I know how to do it?

  • How

    Can you post the step? how to transfer out the money.

  • Ellis

    I have tried it but cannot.

  • billy

    actually i cannot find the link to transfer money from my saving account to investment account (online)….public bank..

    • Just use the normal transfer method.