Just Host cancel team sucks

Yeah… Just Host cancel team sucks all the way. There were total 15 emails (8 from Just Host and 7 from me) that needed in order to close Just Host shared web hosting and get refund back. That was 3 long days process. For your information, I only send 1 email to HostMonster to get my account closed and refunded within 1 day.

Just Host Anytime Money Back Guarantee

Yaya… If you believe in Just Host Anytime Money Back Guarantee, you are in serious trouble. I will tell you why in the coming post in details.

Hi Jayce,

I’m really sorry to hear that you wish to cancel your hosting with us.

Before you cancel your account, I would love to try to resolve any issues you may have and offer you 3 months FREE hosting as a goodwill gesture if I can resolve your issues and get you to stay.

If you need help with anything and would like me to arrange 3 months free hosting credits for you to stay a happy JustHost customer just let me know, alternatively to go ahead and cancel your account please use the information below.


Please go to http://cancel.justhost.com and follow the simple process.

You will need to enter your username and password exactly from your original JustHost welcome email.

If you do not have these or experience problems logging in, please reply to this email and I will help you.

Domain Transfer:
Due to ICANN regulations regarding the transferral of domains, if we registered your domain for you with your hosting account we cannot release it for 60 days after it was registered. For more information please visit – http://www.icann.org
If your domain was registered by us over 60 days ago and you would like to transfer your domain to a new registrar or host please email support@justhost.com

If you have any questions or you would like me to arrange your 3 months free hosting credits to stay hosted with us just let me know.

Have a great day!

Kind regards,

Laura Mew
Billing Representative

Wow… I was given 3 months free hosting if I decided to stay. That’s really good if Just Host is a good web hosting. Too bad that Just Host is not. In addition, what the hack is this cancellation website ~ http://cancel.justhost.com?

There were 15 emails due to this stupid cancellation website. Besides, I could not even login with username and password exactly from my original JustHost welcome email…

  • White

    Yes Justhost and some of the other big, cheap hosting companies comes up high on these ratings pages floating around the internet but they must be spoofed statistics built by paid bloggers to boost SEO.
    Just Host customer service is the worst. You get the run around and even though they have a phone number you cannot deal with anything to do with your account there you must do it via email.
    I had a standard hosting account and when I recently decided to upgrade to a reseller, I’m a freelance web designer, I received condescending emails, a parked page that said “Account Suspended” instead of “Account Moved” or something more appropriate, and generally I have been treated very badly by this company mostly I feel because they do SUCK and also because they don’t care much about the little guy just getting started.
    If you are looking for a host stay clear of Just Host and these bulk rate hosting services. I do believe several of them are owned by JustHost and are in fact all sister companies working on monopolizing the average web hosting service out there. Try and find someone more local to your area, or target area, as you will not be impressed by the customer care of this company or the ones like it and will be locked into something that will keep returning in bad form pissing you off for time to come!

  • If you used the cancel.justhost.com link, how did you get your pro-rated refund?

    When I go to the site, it says that cancellation will only occur at the end of my term.


  • michelle

    Same here, I am having the run around from them and all i want to do is cancel my account with them. The cancel.justhost.com site dosnt even work from me. It takes me to step two and then says unavailable when I attempt to further on to step 3. I am so frustrated and wish I had fully done my research before choosing them as a host.

    • Al Thomasons

      The cancellation of Justhos.com is really a pain in the axx (sorry for the language, but just to express). Justhost.com support/billing teams were not really helping the cancellation, but created confusion and dragged longer. We were totally dissatisfied and frustrated by the support team responses, provided links, instructions and process. a trap! darn!

      Also, their affiliate/reward program does not pay us a dine when we referred friends to buy their services. We regraded that we did it.

      Bad business practices. Not coming back and referring anyone.

  • Chappar

    The cancellation page is joke. I just lists a phone number to call.
    I had called and cancelled my service a year ago, but I am again being charged. I regret opening my account with company. Any idea how to stop from getting charged !!!!

  • @Chappar if they are charging you and you have no service with them, report them to the Credit Card company or your bank as fraud. Like that they (the bank/credit card company) will refuse any charge that come from them.