Just Host terms and conditions suck

No body like to read all the long fine print of terms and conditions of any agreements. But that’s a must to read. Me? I don’t read them all also.

All refunds are subject to a $20.00 domain registration fee charge… Please note: Any account upgrades to hosting services such as additional domain registration, Priority Support, Just Host Directory, Daily Backup, Dedicated IP, Domain Privacy, Private SSL certificates, Search Engine Submission, Platinum Upgrade, Visitors 2 You and Shell Access are non-refundable… Just Host also reserves the right to cancel your account with 72 hours notice should an event occur in which proper evidence exists that a customer was exceptionally rude or vulgar in communications with our staff.

Above are part of Just Host terms and conditions. You will be in trouble if you did not read them carefully. Domain registration fee charge is normal for new domain registration. But no refund on add-on services are no no. For your information, HostMonster did refund JayceOoi.com 2 years dedicated IP fee which I did not use yet. Rude to Just Host staffs? Yes, I will yell at Just Host support if my blog is always down. Does it mean that I am rude to Just Host staff already? Then my web hosting account will be cancelled in the next 3 days?

Just Host is a real money sucker. (sorry for the rude words) Just Host refunded the remainder (un-used portion) of my hosting term at the end after long long email conversations. But refused to refund the $20.00 domain registration fee charge. What the hack? I did not register PrettyGirl2u.com at Just Host. And Just Host did not renew the domain either. I asked for this $20.00 domain registration fee refund but no luck.

End up… I filed a dispute on Just Host with PayPal. Finally, I got my precious $20.00 back. Err… I should do this in the first place, so that I don’t need to waste my time to deal with unprofessional Just Host staffs. Anyway, this is a very good experience for me. I will always remember the worst web hosting that I ever used ~ Just Host.