Bye Bye HostMonster Shared Web Hosting…

Yup, I know that it is matter of time to leave HostMonster Shared Web Hosting after they suspended my account without any warning. I am still not happy with that incident. But thankful because they made me to improve my website loading speed. And learned some website optimizations too.

Good news ~ you can cancel HostMonster shared web hosting anytime you want and get back prorated refund. However, there is always a catch. Free domain will be charged. And domain privacy which I did not subscribe at all is being charged too. Huh? Anyway, the charges are not much to me. So I am too lazy to contact HostMonster Support and ask…


The following credits were completed:

+ “Web Hosting” for -24.84 month @ $6.95 ea. (covers + 2013-03-11 thru 2011-02-16)
+ “Dedicated IP” for -24.84 month @ $2.50 ea. (covers + 2013-03-11 thru 2011-02-16)
+ “Registration Coupon” for -1 year @ $-10.00 ea. (covers + 2011-03-11 thru 2010-03-11)
+ “Domain Privacy” for 0.12 year @ $9.93 ea. (covers + 2011-02-16 thru 2011-03-30)
+ “Domain Privacy” for -0.12 year @ $-0.00 ea. (covers + 2011-03-30 thru 2011-02-16)

Total Amount Credited: $223.54

Will I go back to HostMonster again? See my future posts for answers…