Download iPageRank ~ SEO Tool for Chrome

Hmm… I am not a Google Chrome fan. I use Firefox most of the time. But this Chrome extension ~ iPageRank ~ SEO Tool for Chrome really makes me wants to use Chrome. This plugin gets PageRank and calculates how much PR is transferred to external links, analyzes keywords, Alexa, TIC…


iPageRank New Features

  • Shows PageRank in Google search results and highlights your websites in the search results (with position)
  • Gets Alexa
  • Gets тИЦ (TIC) from Yandex
  • New toolbar added that automatically moves when mouse is over it.
  • Shows keyword frequency and performing keywords (ie in title, headers, description etc). It will alert you of user defined keywords when found.

PageRank in Google search results

Love this feature. Firefox should have similar SEO add-on like iPageRank. Going to search for it. By the way, I am not sure about the accuracy of iPageRank. Do let me know after you try it out. And no worry, I will still comment at your blog even your PR is 0. 😛

Download iPageRank Chrome extension ~ SEO Tool for Chrome here.