Nuffnang vs Innity

You must have read lot of Nuffnang vs Advertlets posts. However, you can’t read much about Nuffnang vs Innity. So far, I found one entry at Google during the time of writing this. Who will be the winner in the end? That’s the question that I wanted to know the answer since I started to publish Innity ads. By the way, Nuffnang is a blog advertising community while Innity is an online premium performance advertising network. Both of them are not exactly the same. This article covers the advertising revenue only. So all the advantages of Nuffnang freebie like movie ticket, gathering events and Innit Nuffnang will not be included. Okay, let’s the battle of these 2 titans begin.

Nuffnang vs Innity

Site Requirements
The first thing before publish ad for any company, you need to fulfill their requirements. Only qualified to publish Innity ads while and failed. On the other hand, Nuffnang accepted all 3 of them. Nuffnang requires minimum 600 unique visitors per month. Innity requires minimum 3,000 unique visitors and 15,000 Pageviews per month, quality content and updated frequently.
Winner – Nuffnang

Ad System
Nuffnang has 3 ad types (Leaderboard, large rectangle and skyscraper) while Innity has a lot like site take over, bottom up, in-text, balloon, button banner… Both of them support CPM and CPC ads while Innity has extra CPE and CPA. In Nuffnang, you have the ability to select what type of ads to display. Choose to display charity ads, default ads, global CPC ads or minimize ads when there is no CPM campaign running. Innity has better ad system ~ Alternate Ad Management which allow you to publish other advertising company ads like Google AdSense, ADSDAQ as backup when there are no campaign assigned. You can also reject those low paying rate campaigns with Innity latest Manage Campaign function. Nuffnang lost this section because it will still display a small ‘ads by nuffnang’ image when no campaign assigned.
Winner – Innity

Yeah… Everyone loves payment time. Both of Nuffnang and Innity have RM50 minimum cash out limit and paid within 30 days (note – 30 days for Nuffnang Glitterati bloggers while 60 days for ordinary bloggers). Both of them pay in cheque while you can get direct bank in payment from Innity. Nuffnang charges RM 1 transaction fee on each cash out. And you need to request cash out manually while Innity in auto mode. I received lot of payments from Nuffnang and none of them delay but the first Innity payment delayed. Too bad that Innity delayed the 1st payment. Not sure 2nd payment will be delayed again or not. Else I have a clear winner.
Winner – Tie

Got a question to ask? But nobody answer it? I faced slow response from Innity. But their support improves from time to time. No issue from Nuffnang so far.
Winner – Tie

The most important part of this article ~ advertising revenue. Based on my past 3 months Internet income, Innity bought RM1222.25 while Nuffnang gave me RM1044.21. Note – Innity income comes from 1 blog only while Nuffnang from 3 blogs. And contributes 85% traffic among total 3 of them. Therefore, you need to minus 15% out of Nuffnang revenue in order to compare fairly with Innity. Clearly, you should know who is the winner here…
Winner – Innity

Things to know
I am a Glitterati status blogger for more than 2 years and still am on the time of writing this. Nuffnang revenue will be lowered more than 125% for ordinary status. As Glitterati status blogger, you get higher pay rate and will be assigned more campaign. Nuffnang assigns campaign based on individual blog (if not mistaken). Therefore, some low traffic/visible blogs will not be assigned any campaign to run. As for Innity, is categorized as technology channel. Innity assigns campaign based on channel. So you will get the same campaigns assigned if you are in the same channel. No need to worry no campaign assigned.

Innity is the winner. The revenue speaks for itself. As I mention before, this article cover advertising revenue only. Nuffnang community is big and has lot of blogger events. But Innity bring more revenue. Which one should I choose? I leave the question for you to answer. 😉