Report scraper sites to Google

I was going to write article ~ ‘How to make money online with autoblog / scraper sites?‘ initially. But then I went to have a look on those scraper sites that I reported to Google. Yeah, some of them are de-indexed from Google search. So it is not possible to make money online with autoblog / scraper sites for long term. Anyway, I am not an autoblog supporter since I blog. I write for human not search engine. Okay, let’s talk about reporting scraper sites to Google. And the story goes like this…

With some random keywords testing after Google Panda Update, I discover 10 scraper sites actually outrank mine. Most of them are made for AdSense (or other advertising companies) with autoblog technology. One of them does not have a proper content at all. Full of keywords for search engine. And it actually outranks mine thanks to Google Panda Update. So I took the initiative to report them to Google. Hopefully, Google search result will be better without them. Hehe.. Actually, hopefully, my blog will be rank higher without them standing in front.

Yes, Google removed 4 out of 10 entries that I submitted from the search result. De-indexed from Google search totally. They still exist in Bing and Yahoo but not an issue because they never appear in the 1st page.

Want to make Google search a better place? Use this spam report tool to submit scraper sites to Google.