Tanjong – 1H net profit 372.941 million (increased 10.45%)

Yeah… Tanjong – 1H net profit increased 10.4% to 372.941 million. Too bad that I did not buy it today with RM14.96-MR15.00.

Tanjong stock price from 14 July 2009 to 30 September 2009

Based on the price above, can Tanjong still going back to RM16.00. YES!!! No problem from my point of view. So I am going to buy it again tomorrow. Hopefully, I can get a cheap price then. By the way, Tanjong also declared second interim gross dividend of 17.5 cent per share. Entitlement 23/10/2009, EX Date: 21/10/2009 and Payment Date: 05/11/2009.