The Perfect Post Title

Yes. Do you have a perfect post title? I do (I think so). I use to wonder around Google a lot. Finding the stuffs that I want. I tried to look for latest TM product ~ UniFi (HSBB). Searching ‘UniFi Suck‘ in Google. Result as below…

What do you see? Can you find ‘UniFi Suck’? Well, I cannot. I can see i’m saimatkong… UniFi and Lowyat.NET : Malaysia’s Tech Enthusiast Resource Community in the first 2 results. Let’s take them as example since their SEO are good. Can be ranked 1 and 2. But does not have the perfect title.

Luckily, ‘i’m saimatkong’ blog name is short. Therefore, you still can see the whole blog post title. However, the case is not for Lowyat.NET, only ‘TM…’. Therefore, a good title arrangement is a must to attract more search engine visitors. You can have it this way…

Post title ~ blog name
Post title only

Make sure that those searchers can see what they want to search easily. Then you will have more incoming traffic from search engine. Is your blog post title in the correct way?