Internet income report for August 2010

Welcome BlogAds to the family. I like it because it is a fixed monthly income. Advertiser buys your ad place on monthly basis. Of course, you won’t have any income for that month if no advertiser at all. Yes, Google AdSense is getting better due to increasing traffic from US. Luckily, AdSense is here to help cover poor performance from local advertising. Else a full time blogger like me cannot survive…

Internet income report for August 2010

Google AdSense – US$ 434.48 (RM 1325.64)
ADSDAQ – US$ 197.28 (RM 601.92)
Vibrant – US$ 123.23 (RM 375.98)
BlogAds – US$ 91.00 (RM 277.65)
Nuffnang – US$ 42.08 (RM 128.42)
Innity – US$ 8.13 (RM 24.82)

Grand Total: US$ 896.20 (RM 2734.43)

Err… As expected, USD is getting even lower this month with 1 USD == 3.0511 RM. Bad for US earning but good for buying gadget from US. Just bought some camcorder lens and accessories from US last month. Cannot find them in Malaysia. Not for sell yet.

Dreaming… If 1 USD was 3.80 RM like before, my earning will be RM 3367.97 (USD 886.31). That’s RM 633.54 different. Well, this is give and take. Lower income but buying cheaper stuff from US…