Will Tanjong split its power and gaming division?

Will Tanjong PLC split its power and gaming division? Maybank Investment Bank mentioned about splitting the power and gaming will bring more value to Tanjong on 5 November 2009. Tanjong stock price up 44 cents from RM15.38 to RM15.82 that day. Up another 58 cents to RM16.40 the next day (Highest intraday ~ RM16.72).

Tanjong intraday performance on 06 November 2009

Based on the technical research from Maybank Investment Bank on 6 November 2009, Tanjong has 2 upside targets of RM16.70 and RM17.78. Well, Tanjong hit the first upside target easily that day. How about the next one? When can it achieve that? And come to another question, why there are 2 research reports from Maybank Investment Bank about Tanjong in these 2 days. And it brought good news too. Some investors did fall into buying flow. Does it have anything to do with Maxis re-listing? Will Ananda Krishnan split Tanjong into 2 divisions? If Tanjong split, it will not be in FBM KLCI (top 30 stocks) anymore. Will it?

So many questions but no answers…