1st Vibrant Payment received through wire transfer

Finally, I received my first payment from Vibrant after waiting for 60 days. The payment was transferred directly using Swift Code Wire from United States to Public Bank Malaysia. No more manual work to withdraw money out by Western Union or cheque. Something to take note for first time Vibrant publisher like me. The payment is due 60 days after earning month.

Based on Vibrant terms and conditions…

4.2 Payment Terms. Not more than fifteen (15) days after the end of each calendar month, Vibrant will e-mail to Publisher or post in the Vibrant Publisher Dashboard a finalized revenue statement for amounts due to Publisher for that calendar month. Vibrant will pay Publisher in accordance with the revenue statement not later than forty-five (45) working days following the delivery of the revenue statement. If payments due to Publisher for any month are less than seventy-five dollars ($75), Vibrant may, in its discretion, credit amounts due to Publisher’s account and pay them in the next month in which cumulative amounts due meet or exceed that threshold. All payments will be made in U.S. Dollars.

This payment consists May earning @ USD 3.12 and June earning @ USD 509.39 == USD 512.51. The USD to RM conversion is a little bit low ~ 1 USD = 3.0862 RM. Based on Malaysia Bank Negara, the rate is 1 USD = 3.1060 RM. Maybe there is some processing fees incur.

Are you publishing Vibrant In-Text Ads? How is your earning lately? Mine is going down hill…

  • That’s new for me. I heard a lot about wire transfer but never got chance to use it. Now, at least I know it’s easy to transfer the money to Malaysia via Online bank…Nice tip. Thanks

  • wow. so big..did vibrant like text link ads?