Which Google AdSense Keywords pay higher?

Which Google AdSense Keywords pay higher? Yes, if you are going to success to make money online with Google AdSense, you need to know which keyword pay rates are higher and expensive. For me, I don’t care much about finding high pay Google AdSense keywords. I write topics that interested me ~ technology, mobile, software, automotive, make money online, stock, financial planning… Which one is the best income generator for me?

Make Money Online Blog Earning is better than Technology Blog.

Based on above page impressions and estimated earnings ~ JayceOoi.com (technology blog) has $1.70 eCPM while spBlogger.com (make money online blog) has $3.33 eCPM. spBlogger.com generated almost double of JayceOoi.com earning. If spBlogger traffic is the same as JayceOoi.com, then I should able to get around $800 from spBlogger.com. It’s time for me to do proper research on topic to publish on spBlogger.com. Focus more time on it. And earn more money then.

By the way, be sure to set Google AdSense Channel on each individual ad unit. So that you know better which ad unit is performing.