Yeah… I received an email from HostMonster Technical Support.

Dear Jayce Ooi:

Your web hosting account for has been deactivated, as of 01/07/2011. (reason: site causing performance problems)

This deactivation was due to a Terms of Service violation associated with your account. At sign-up, all users state that they have read through, understand, and agree to our terms. These terms are legal and binding.

Although your web site has been suspended, your data may still be available for up to 15 days from the date of deactivation; if you do not contact us during that 15 day period, your account and all of its files, databases, and emails may be deleted.

If you feel this deactivation was made in error, or in order to gain access to your account, please call our customer service line as soon as possible at (866) 573-4678 and press 5 to speak with a member of our Terms of Service Compliance department.
Please read the following, derived from our Terms of Service agreement, for additional information regarding the matter.

Engaging in any activity that, in HostMonster.Com’s sole and absolute discretion, disrupts, interferes with, or is harmful to (or threatens to disrupt, interfere with, or be harmful to) HostMonster.Com’s services, HostMonster.Com’s business, operations, reputation, goodwill, subscribers and/or subscriber relations, or the ability of HostMonster.Com’s subscribers to effectively use HostMonster.Com’s services is prohibited.

Please review the current copy of our Terms of Service here:

Thank you,
HostMonster.Com Technical Support

For support go to
Toll-Free: (866) 573-4678 Option 2

My web hosting account was suspended due to high CPU usage. There was no traffic spike. My traffic increased slow and steady as always. What I don’t like, no warning email about high CPU usage. And suspended my web hosting account directly. Was asked to optimize my slow SQL query scripts…

In order to get back online, I disabled, and and some WordPress plugins. Only then, HostMonster L2 Technical Support was willing to activate back

So end of story? Nope, that’s just the beginning…

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