4th Blogads PayPal payment received

Yeah… I love advertising company which pay on time. Blogads gave me the 4th payment today. Too bad that USD is getting weaker each day. And make the earning lower too…

Blogads November Earning

Hehe… I increased the Blogads advertising price. Hopefully, the advertisers are willing to pay the higher price. Traffic increased == advertising price increased too, right?

  • huh..you the only one from malaysia i know earn well from blogads..congratulations. 🙂

    • Oh, there are other Malaysians who are using it too. But I don’t know how much he earn since he did not disclose it.

  • The independent publisher has no better business partner than BlogAds. A solid audience and great demographics only matter when you’ve got a great sales team.

  • naz

    nice! save it on your PP account, wait until USD rate increase, then transfer it to local bank quickly 😀