HostMonster cannot support traffic anymore?

Server and network uptime are very important for website especially commercial website. These apply to full time blogger like me too. HostMonster shared web hosting serves me well all the while. There is server down issue sometimes but that is normal for shared web hosting. Other people might make mistake and causing the same server that host your website going down as well. But not like today morning case. Or maybe…

Faced website loading slowness and timed out issues. Contacted HostMonster L1 Support. They said that my account is being has been throttled for more than 70000 seconds. Therefore, slowness on website loading and timed out issue are NORMAL.

CPU Limiting Factors (Throttling)

Yes, I know that HostMonster apply CPU Throttling to all the account. It is good as it protects us from others who use lot of CPU resources. But my account is being throttled all the while at that level. And has no issue until this morning. Here is the WebPagetest result in the morning, only 1 out of 10 tests managed to finish loading. The rest of them were timed out. And this is the current WebPagetest result that ran during writing of this post. Working perfect with 7.799s load time even CPU is being throttled.

Is it time for me to upgrade to semi dedicated server? 🙂