5th Vibrant payment and counting…

October Vibrant In-Text payment reached my hand. It was US$ 546.11 (RM 1664.46) after deducted RM 5.00 processing fee. Getting less than previous income report due to poor US currency ~ 1 USD == 3.0570 RM.

Vibrant In-Text October Earning

Compare to previous In-Text Ads that I used ~ Infolinks, Vibrant performs a lot better. And I think that I will stop publishing Infolinks ads soon. How you about? Which In-Text Ads serve you the best?

  • huhu..how you manage to earn that muchh..

  • Hi Jayce,

    You got very attractive income, how you manage to get so high traffic? Did you use Adsense to promote your sites or exchange links help a lot?

    • No AdWords. Exchange links do not help much. Focus on your topics, make sure that they are quality posts. People will visit and re-visit your site then.