8th Vibrant Media Payment received

Flu… Flu… Go away… Err… I am still down with flu. Luckily, being a blogger that work at home. I can have no air-con environment to faster my recovery. And Internet income does not stop coming even I stopped blogging for few days by taking own medical leave.

Vibrant In-Text January Earning

Sick person is too lazy to edit picture from bank account. So I took the earning chart from Vibrant Media directly. $1,016.31 == RM 3,035.80 – RM 5.00 process fee. 1 USD == 2.9920 RM. Again… A new low for USD. 2 payments from Vibrant to get certified as spBlogger.com Make Money Tool. Keeps it going…

  • congratulation. You still maintain to earn from vibrmant media.

  • Nice. Income increase even USD is low 🙂

  • Congrats. The figure is awesome. Thinking of switching to Vibrant. Kontera earning sucks nowadays.

  • priyanka

    hi ..not able to see any adsense ads and the place is empty … i think your adsense ad for http://prettygirl2u.com/ has been disabled .. think your whole site is banned by adsense .. am i correct ???

    • No AdSense Ad is due to too less keyword. And PrettyGirl2u.com AdSense is not mine…

      • priyanka

        but that website is yours ??? am i right ???

  • nicely done…..im so jealous with you….hehehe

  • Danny

    Hey, Jayce. So basically, if I want to have Ads on my WordPress, I need to buy my domain and selfhost it? Is it correct? Because since I am writing, I might as well make money out of it.

    • WordPress.com blogs cannot have ads. Self hosted WordPress.org blogs can. 🙂