4th Innity cheque received

Yoo… Thanks Innity for its 4th payment. It should be the 5th if Innity did not delay my first payment and combine it with second one. Anyway, Innity logo will be added on the sidebar as one of the Certified Make Money Tools by end of 2010. Another 6 payments to go…

My Maybank account is opened for Innity. Really loves the auto cash in cheque feature offered by Innity. Wish that Nuffnang also do the same. I have HSBC Bank account. Nuffnang can direct cash in the cash there too. If HSBC cannot, I have Public Bank and RHB Bank too. 🙂

  • I received almost zero campaign this month from innity. 🙁 . Must be in the wrong channel.

  • Seems there’s lot of payment channel option to publisher 😀

  • Siau Hen

    Wow! Congratulations! Hope you can get more and more..

  • Wow jayce, so much per payout? Anyway, where is your innity ads, can’t seems to notice it anywhere on your blogs.

    • Only JayceOoi.com and Forum.JayceOoi.com have it. And you can’t see it every time because it shows backup ad when Innity ad is not running.

      • i see..no wonder I’m not seeing any of innity ads. it’s based on pay per click? my site got rejected half year ago.

        • Sorry to hear that. By the way, Innity has several type of ads ~ CPM, CPC, CPE…

  • …congrats & keep it up 🙂

  • GT

    Congrats Jayce for the payout. A lot of us have not received the payment from Innity…

  • Innity not pay me for 7 month ^_^