ADSDAQ ContextWeb involves in In-Text Advertising too

I just started to test In-Text Advertising from Infolinks. And now ADSDAQ ContextWeb also comes out its own In-Text Advertising. ADSDAQ is the best CPM advertising that I ever use. It is serving me very well nowadays with daily earning around USD 2.00. How is the new In-Text Ads going to perform?

ADSDAQ ContextWeb In-Text Ads sample

ADSDAQ also retain the similar method for In-Text Advertising ~ using the best known AskPrice. All you have to do is set CPC AskPrice for all the in-text ads. I love AskPrice because it will only show ADSDAQ ads when the AskPrice is met. Else it will display your backup ads. You can earn more with this method. Hmm… Is this CPC AskPrice for In-Text Ads also work the same? I need to try it to find out.

  • Thanks for your enthusiasm regarding ContextWeb’s In-text advertising ( and We’re looking forward to hearing how it performs for you and your community.

  • I am with Adsdaq and have just enabled the in-text ads. I wish I could control how many links were shown on a given page.

    A few is great, but 5 or 10 starts to clutter things up and you end up hitting the hover points on accident just scrolling around the page.

    I’ve set a really relatively high ask price and it looks to have cut it down to about 1 per page, which is fine. I’ll see how things work out.