Better late than nothing…

Yeah… Received Innity February cheque finally. They bank in the cheque on 05/05/2010. 1 day later on my previous post ~ Innity ~ another Advertlets wanna be? I won’t post it if I got the payment that night…

Hehe… Another photoshopped payment statement. This Innity payment does not count as 5th because it is a late payment. Late payment cannot be counted in the journey to be SP Blogger’s Certified Make Money Tool. Hopefully, coming March payment won’t be late again. Should be able to get it on 14/05/2010. Let’s wait and see…

  • You install innity in which blog? Do you install nuffnang together?

    • and previously. Code was removed for the moment until CPM campaign is assigned. It is installed as ADSDAQ backup ad. So you cannot see it. 😛

      • Good strategy! I may adopt the same later on because for innity I only earn significantly when there is CPM ads. CPC ads not really performing well.

  • At least they are paying. That’s good 🙂

  • annuska

    where is the income report of april ??? oh… not yet updated…

    • Google AdSense earning is not finalized yet. The estimated earning does not match with finalized earning anymore. So no point to post it earlier. 😉

  • Congratulation!

  • emm..yap. better late than nothing. I agree.

  • great..more kacing for u

    so compare innit with nuffnang, which ad performs well ?

    Do this local ad only consider local traffic like nuffnang?