LiewCF is one of my targets in blogging world when I started to blog 3 years ago. He and I are almost the same ~ from IT world. Same age as 30 years old. But he became fulltime blogger 5 years ago while I am still surviving in MNC. And blog earning is way too low compare to him. vs.

Hehe… At least’s page views is better than ~ 300K vs. 220K. But unique visitors still shy 40K. This means has lower bounce rate than too. It is hard to retain visitors from search engine. They usually come to the first page and left without browsing for the 2nd page unless your site is interesting to them.

By the way, the data above is coming from DoubleClick Ad Planner. You can check stats here and stats here. You can check yours too. The data are estimated until you share your blog’s Google Analytics data.

Lastly, I always wonder how much does LiewCF earn per month. Does anyone of you see the actual earning amount from him? I cannot find it at his blog. (Maybe I did not search hard enough) 😛