Google AdSense Click Fraud ~ How to avoid it?

Oh no… There was a crazy guy wanted to sabotage me. He clicked a lot of AdSense ads. I think he is using bot to do so. Because it is really a lot. More than 30,000 clicks. I don’t think a human can do it.


How to avoid Google AdSense click fraud? I also don’t know. But I took below steps to avoid it.

  • Remove the ad code.
  • Set my own domains on Allowed Sites only.

Why remove the ad code? That guy clicked on Large Rectangle – top channel ad on root level. Based on Google Analytics, that ad only brings less than USD 3 in 1 month. Removed it is a good decision. No use to put it there as it wastes space.

Set own domains on Allowed Sites also will help to reduce your Google AdSense code being used by others to do evil thing ~ click fraud sabotage. All the other domains that using your ad code will be ignore by Google. Therefore, all the worry will be gone.

  • Wow! so many clicks. So, do you need to inform Google about this?

    • Hmm… I still see lot of clicks today. But in other channel now. Will inform Google if this trend continue.

  • lots of clicks! way to go.

  • Setting the allowed sites is a good idea. But I wonder why the CTR is 719.05%? Doesn’t make sense because the max should be 100% right?

    34K of click…that’s really crazy. Need to be careful on that.

    • errr… simple

      34155 x 100% / 4750 = 719.05 %

  • A report to Google is necessary.

  • SK

    Really seems like someone is trying to set you up for click fraud. A CTR of 700% is crazy.

  • Sorry to hear this happens. Its obvious someone is up to sabotage you. Lets not wait – inform google immediately rather waiting for them to find out and mark you as scammer.

    At the mean time can you see where the attack is from? Country and location. report those to google as well. Maybe try to get your domain host to assist you in tracing the culprit.

  • Maybe they are jealous when they saw your internet income.. lol 😉

  • guess u should stop posting monthly revenues here

  • I recently added an Adsense square ads on my travel blog. my adsense earning is still low since i dont have large volume of internet traffic yet.

    • No worry. It takes some time to generate more income. Keep it up. 🙂