Google PageRank June 2011 Update

Google PageRank updated again. Actually, does Google really care much about PageRank anymore after Google Panda Update? I had done lot of things to improve Google search ranking. And I do not know which one actually helps. Anyway, had been granted back PR4 from PR3. And had been promoted to PR3 from PR2. Finally, dropped to PR1 from PR2. But none of them have traffic increased or decreased with this pagerank update.

Googe PageRank
Google PageRank

As at 28 June 2011 – Level 4 – Level 3 – Level 1

Does your blog Google PageRank improve?

  • I did notice that. I was excited because the one I put my heart into that isn’t a year old yet is now a 3 and another one went up to a 2. Looking at my 3 sites I think their page ranks are very accurate. Looks like whatever Google looked at, it is as it should be…finally.

  • my blogs always in PR0, so nothing to compare! :P

  • yap..dapat balik PR2..ada blog lain, naik sampai PR3 dan PR4. Yehh..