• Hmm, they should give alert before shutting down the blog directly. Maybe it’s time to go for dedicated hosting.

    About the slow WordPress query, I notice there’s lots of full table scan on wp_options table. The query looks like coming from the standard WordPress function. Can’t do much there but just reduce the number of records in wp_options table by deleting the plugin 🙂

    • Thank you, Ah Hong. My blogs won’t be this ‘fast’ loading without your AllGuru.net posts. Most of them work for me except Clean Options plugin. It over cleaned until currently use plugion option are gone.

      VPS is my next step. But HostMonster seem can support JayceOoi.com after I moved out spBlogger and PrettyGirl2u. Will monitor and see. I am ready anytime to migrate to VPS. 🙂

  • Jayce, move on to a better host before trying VPS as I need more of your time to administer it 🙂