Internet income report for April 2009

Time flied… It passed another month again. Time to calculate my Internet income. I was able to cash out Nuffnang earning this month. Nuffnang consist 2 months earning this round. US$ 105.06 (RM 371.81) / 2 == US$ 52.53 (RM 185.90). Nuffnang earning is getting better than usual RM 100 range. Way to go Nuffnang!

Google AdSense broke its all time high again ~ the highest earning that I got for Google AdSense on January 2009. Looking forward to break US$ 200 record.

Infolinks had a very good first week result ~ US$ 0.73 daily average. Earning started to slowdown after the first week then. And I got US$ 0.49 daily average in the end. Infolinks earning almost double when compare to Kontera (US$ 0.26 daily average). This is a better in-text advertising that I had. Any in-text advertising company better than Infolinks?

Internet income report for April 2009

Google AdSense – US$ 180.27 (RM 637.92)
Nuffnang – US$ 105.06 (RM 371.81)
ADSDAQ – US$ 41.35 (RM 146.32)
Infolinks – US$ 14.68 (RM 51.94)

Grand Total: US$ 342.36 (RM 1207.99)

I started to post my Internet income on April last year. I got US$ 90.4 (RM 280.24) only that time. And I got US$ 342.36 (RM 1207.99) after 1 year. That’s 278.71% increment in my Internet income. I love it. Can you get this kind of increment when you are employed? Therefore, stop looking around for higher pay salary job. And start having your own website to generate income online!

  • Congratulations! Need your advise, my blogs traffic is increasing but the earning just main flat. Is that got to do with Google page rank?

  • Good job man…I have the same idea with you. Stop looking for higher pay job, instead explore something else that will be your passive income.

  • That is pretty good. Again keep up the great work. Thanks Greg Ellison

  • wah..u can earn rm1270 per month..thats great..i will follow ur step!!!

  • Congratulations on the milestone. Hope to earn just like you.

  • @Marco: Some advertising companies look on website PR on ad pricing. So far, the one that I use don’t look at PR.

  • Wow Jayce, another attractive earning for a month. I always like to see your monthly income report, good job Jayce! I’ll be following your back..wait me okay? haha!


  • Good earning! I wish to have that kind of earning too but it’s going to take me some time to reach your level. I have a 4 blogs but 2 of blogs are not in Google’s search result… too bad.

  • @Make Money Online: Sure… Did not see your income report lately. How is your earning?

  • wow. You really done well. I hope i also can earn money like you too.

  • @ohmelayu: You can do it too. Work smart to get there. 😀

  • Nice income, A lot better than mine.