Internet income report for January 2010

Yeah… The first month of year 2010. How is the Internet income? Oh no… It dropped a lot. As expected, most of the earning back to the normal rate. No more holidays season. ADSDAQ earning fall back to normal from turbo mode and payment was delayed. traffic increased some but the earnings are not. Most of the advertising companies’ ad inventories are low. But look at the bright side, Infolinks is not the last anymore. It overtook ADSDAQ…

Internet income report for January 2010

Google AdSense – US$ 224.28 (RM 760.19)
Innity – US$ 107.35 (RM 363.87)
Nuffnang – US$ 80.45 (RM 272.69)
Infolinks – US$ 70.09 (RM 237.57)
ADSDAQ – US$ 69.71 (RM 236.28)

Grand Total: US$ 551.88 (RM 1870.60)

Getting RM 2,000 per month is hard. Getting RM 3,000 is even harder. How much visitors per day should I need in order to get RM 4,000 per month? I checked Google Analytics traffic and the earning for the pass few months.

RM 500 == 500 visitors
RM 800 == 1,500 visitors
RM 1,200 == 2,300 visitors
RM 1,900 == 3,300 visitors
RM 4,000 == ?? visitors

So RM 4,000 only needs around 7,000 visitors, right? Not exactly but it is near I think. The earning does not come in this way. Google AdSense and Infolinks depend on keyword rate, CTR, articles and visitors behavior while Innity, Nuffnang and ADSDAQ depend on ad inventories. To be safe, my target…

RM 5000 == 10,000 visitors.

Here come another question… How long will I need in order to get 10,000 visitors per day?

  • I had the similar calculation growth in mind too, but it is true that this depends on the CPM and CTR.

    10K is really a dream for me. It is still far for me to reach 1K traffic 😀

  • Hi. I think it is more of market and bidding. In economy and business, we should expect up and down. And unique visitors and earnings work in mysterious ways…

  • Wow, what a great monthly income.

  • As always I love your income report. I think you can push 7k+ uv’s a month. Just keep up the great work.

  • Very nice income report as always. I believe you will reach that figures (7k visitors) in this year or next year. 🙂

  • take times. But i believe we can reach that kind of level.

  • I like how you show all the details of making money online.
    I have also a question: Your Internet income report from above is only for or include all your other websites?
    Thanks for sharing your experience!

  • Cool. Always like to see your attractive monthly income report. If you can publish 3-5 unique articles a day for 3-4 months, I think is possible to achieve around 6k visitor in few months later. But’s traffic has improvement as you said. So, sure can reach that number eventually. Keep it up.

    • I wish that I have the time to do so. 1 post per day also take me some time. 😛

  • You’re on the right track. Proud of you!

  • This is cool. I believe you will buy many thing with that money.

  • Good for you. How did you manage to get so many visitors?

    • SEO helps a lot. 80% traffic are from search engine. Of course the topics are important. And quality of the posts too.

  • Congrats on your fabulous earnings report. My earnings are up slightly this month with adsdaq. My fill rates are over 50% for some reason, have you experienced something similar

    • Cool. My fill rate for ADSDAQ is way too low ~ 5% only. 😛

  • nikitha

    how much visitors and page impression do you get daily???

    thanks in advance..

    • – 3,210 visits and 5,834 pageviews on 28th February 2010.

      • nikitha

        thanks spblogger…

        keep it up..

      • nikitha

        is this traffic only for this blog or all the blog that you are running???

      • nikitha

        then the earnings of Google AdSense – US$ 224.28 (RM 760.19) is only from ??? if not, what is your daily total impression in adsense report???

        thanks in advance spblogger ..

        • Total impression does not reflex the earning. CTR and keyword rate are the factors. contributes 85-90% of the total income.

          • nikitha

            thank u..

  • It has a while since your post. I hope you have made your RM4000. 🙂