Internet income report for November 2009

Yeah… ADSDAQ revenue is getting better and better each month. By the way, Innity is good in figure only. I still did not receive any payment from Innity yet. Based on its FAQ, I should get the September and October payments by now. Example, for 16th April – 30th April revenue, paid within 30 days after 30th April (i.e. by 30th May). Hmm… When can I receive Innity payment?

Internet income report for November 2009

Google AdSense – US$ 207.78 (RM 697.30)
ADSDAQ – US$ 157.61 (RM 528.93)
Innity – US$ 117.92 (RM 395.77)
Nuffnang – US$ 73.36 (RM 246.20)
Infolinks – US$ 49.50 (RM 166.12)

Grand Total: US$ 606.17 (RM 2034.32)

So far, Google AdSense, ADSDAQ, Nuffnang and Infolinks’ payments are on time. They don’t ever delay any payment before. Will Innity become like Advertlets? Oh no… I have more than RM1000 in Innity. Help!!!

  • Wow, you are doing very well. Free money from the internet.

  • I love to visit spblogger on the beginning of the month to see your earning 😀

    You still maintain at 2K. Congrats again man. Hmm, Innity is based in Malaysia right? I think I know where is their office. You want me to go collect for you? Hehe

    • Yup. Innity is a Malaysia company. Thanks for your offer to collect the payment for me. Just help me to ping them will do. Ask why so late… 😉

  • Really admire your internet income. I guess sure a lot of hard work given to achieve it. Any secret to it? 🙂

    • Yup. Work smart not hard. But with hard and smart, your return will be even more. Secret? Nope. There are lot of make money online guides. Just learn from them.

      In short, more traffic == more income.

  • Wow!! Again! Congrats man…. 🙂

    I wish I could be just like you..
    Do u have any tips on how to do it??

    • Just read my posts here. Read them all. Just like I read other experts blog. I really read all of them. From the 1st post until the end. Of course, skip those non relevant to you. 😀

  • Congrat Jayce! You make it again the 2K. Well done, bro. Hope Innity will pay you soon lor.. Cross fingers. 🙂

  • The income is great month after month. Keep it up, im sure others can learn from you.

  • hmm, Innity looks a bit worrying huh..

  • Shoot them an email/contact them using their support feature on Innity, same situation occur to me & they replied within few days time

    • Innity always delay their payments?

  • @spblogger Well I have only received one cheque from them & so far they have never delayed the payment

  • Why would you want to put your income on your blogs? Could this be the source of envy for someone to sabotage your adsense?

    • Good question. I forgot why I want to share my Internet income already. The fraud click stop after 2 days. Will report to Google if still seeing this.

  • Im really jealous with your income. Congratulations!

    • What is your website that generated so much AdSense income?

      • Hi. Not going to reveal yet coz
        1. I am still experimenting. My concept is different. I don’t blog for money etc. So 100% passive income.
        2. Besides, i fear people sabotage my website / my adsense. heard when some people jealous (they take it in negative ways)> click your ads > ecpm increase > google think fraud > block adsense acc.

        • May

          I actually would like to know how your magic works.Come on..Share with us 🙂
          I’m amazed at your adsense generated income!

  • Waw..congrats…quite huge 🙂