Internet income report for September 2010

Congratulation to Google AdSense. It is still the best income generator for me. And it broke US$ 500 level. Luckily, Vibrant is back on track too. By the way, ContextWeb is not a new advertising company. It was ADSDAQ (they changed the name). Local advertising companies are not performing well. Getting lesser and lesser ads from them. And I am sad to say good bye to Innity due to under-perform lately. Hope that Innity can back to the games when its technology channel has more ads. Or maybe they can add more channel to

Internet income report for September 2010

Google AdSense – US$ 528.87 (RM 1621.72)
Vibrant – US$ 257.51 (RM 789.62)
ContextWeb – US$ 201.00 (RM 616.34)
BlogAds – US$ 91.00 (RM 279.04)
Nuffnang – US$ 59.70 (RM 183.07)
Innity – US$ 10.14 (RM 31.12)

Grand Total: US$ 1148.22 (RM 3520.91)

1 USD == 3.0664 RM. Ringgit Malaysia is not increasing in value while US Dollar is not dropping anymore. This is good. Hope that US will increase the interest rate sooner and push USD back to higher level so that I can earn more since most of my incomes are from US. has 182,661 visits (28,183 Malaysia visits & 40,259 United States visits) and 381,403 pageviews in September 2010 compare to 55,689 visits (17,878 Malaysia visits & 6,979 United States visits) and 89,486 pageviews in September 2009. US traffic increased a lot for the past 1 year. Thanks to that, earning increased too. RM 3520.91 vs RM 1604.23 (2009).

My 2 cents… Focus on US traffic if you want to earn more money. Hopefully, I can reach my target RM 5,000 or 300,000 visits per month sooner. 😉

  • Wah… congrats!! belanja makan… haha 😛

    • Haha… My income still in negative after deduct all the costs and expenses… 😛

      • negative income? Mind to share what kind of blog-related costs and expenses involved?

        • Phone, Internet, PC, camera, camcorder, car, shop…

          • Congratulation for the increasing income and it really needs time and effort to make it. :)Do you open shop? Online shop?

            • Still in planning. Not sure is online or local shop.

  • Pepin

    Wow! Congrats!

    How’d you get that much visitors to visit your site?

    • Write quality posts. And do SEO for marketing.

  • Wahhh…now you have 6 different ads but I can identify 4 of the ads provider on your site :p

    • Hehe… Luckily, you managed to find 4 only not 6 because I stopped publish Innity ads already.

  • ken

    wow thats seriously alot!

  • lambo

    Has your page views increased totally ( 3 sites ) or the same as last month spblogger ??? i think you can give a rough total page impression of all the 3 sites ?? plese dont say see ad panner ..

    thanks in advance ..

  • lambo

    sorry .. sorry .. sorry .. i dint read fully .. very very very very thanks to attach the page impressions … thanks .. thanks . thanks a lot …

  • lambo

    dont use image ads .. ctr will be very less .. use only link ads ..make a search on it on google dude …

  • Congratulations on your massive earnings. You have found the way to get high traffic especially from US.

  • Where is your proof? I really interested… you so cool man!!!

    • Haha… All these information are ‘make up’. Same apply to all the payment you see in this blog. But interesting enough that still got people ‘believe’ on them… 🙂

      • human being

        • Sy

          con artist at work tabulating figues, eh?

  • woww…

  • do you think infolinks still worth it to hang up with…

    • Yes, if it still bring you something… 😉

  • Hi Jayce! Turned to full time blogger already?

  • You mean you have left your day time job as a software engineer?

    • Yes. Should have more time to study stock and investment now.

  • Wow! All the best! You have already achieve the status of financial freedom status and pursuing what you think is important for you.

  • Good day. Mr SP Blogger..I really cant believe Blogging can bring such big amount of fix income until i found your blog. This is a good way to become our own boss !!! Make fortunate via investment is faster than using your two hand to earn…How is your new car? Do you satisfy with the car?

  • Wah. Income increase 100% in one year only 😛

  • shreya

    dont you think that you are posting some illegal download in jayceooi ??? it may not affect your adsense account ??? i think you will be affected later …

  • ken

    hi jayce,

    Hope you can help me with this. Just want to ask regarding this ContextWeb. I’ve been trying to sign up for it and everything is fine till the payment part where I chose to be paid via PayPal and by saying ‘no’ to all the US citizen questions it’s requiring me to complete the IRS W-8 BEN Form. Did you do that as well? If I fill up that form, does it mean that the earnings will be reduced since this is income earned out of the US. Thanks!

    • Yes, I think so. Long time ago that I filled up the form. Nope, no tax will be deducted from our earning. But have US$1 process fee for PayPal.

      • ken

        thanks a lot man. By the way, do we need to declare this income for our malaysian income tax?

        • Yes. But you can deduct all the expenses like hosting, Internet, phone, PC…

  • i agree with you. focus to US traffic.