Just Host cancellation process sucks

Just Host offers a ‘No Questions Asked’. Anytime money back guarantee with all our hosting plans.

Yes, Just Host does offer anytime money back. But the ‘anytime’ is just not ‘NOW’. Check out below Just Host cancellation process screenshots to know more about http://cancel.justhost.com.

Hahaha… Just Host really knows how to make money online. If I complete this cancellation process, how much refund can I get? NOTHING!!!

I informed Just Host cancel team through email that I cannot cancel my account now with this cancellation process website. But they insisted that I need to go though it and then send email to refund team. I did not complete this stupid cancellation process. Just wondering… What will happen if I really did complete it?

  • Cancel without refund, might as well just keep the hosting until it expires..

  • I am going through this right now. I’ve had my Just Host account since July 2010 but I never use it. So I read their faq’s about cancelling which made it seem simple and easy and that yes I would get a portion of my payment refunded. But I went through the same thing that you have depicted in your screenshots. I also did not click the autosuspend at renewal time because then obviously I won’t get any money back. The thing is, if they don’t do refunds then Fine, but just say that. Don’t make it sound like it’s easy-peasy to close your account.
    I’ve just sent an email back to them advising that their website says you get a refund if you cancel, so I am waiting to see what kind of response I get. Good luck with yours.

  • Well, that was quick. In the time it took me to type my comment on this blog I had received a reply. They told me I had to choose the autosuspend option and after that I would be told how to get a refund. I went ahead and did it because I have the emails from the company telling me to do so.
    After agreeing to the autosuspend it tells you if you believe you are entitled to a refund then email refunds@justhost.com. I’ve done that now and will wait to see what happens from here.

  • I wanted to give an update. After sending my email stating I felt I was entitled to a refund by Just Host I received another email back from them advising that they couldn’t refund my credit card but if I had a PayPal account they could refund that. Luckily, I did have a PayPal account and gave them the info. About a week (maybe a little less) later I had received a credit to my PayPal account for about half of what I originally spent. It had been about 7 months since I bought the hosting and domain, so I didn’t expect to get it all back.
    Well, I just wanted to share my experiance in case it is helpful to anyone else.

  • Ok so I canceled my accoutn about halfway through the year because they deleted everything on my account. They had some server crash and everything GONE. Pretty lame. So I demanded a refund, well I actually deleted a full refund because they deleted everything and this was their reply:

    “Hi Dave,

    I can confirm that your account has now been fully cancelled. It appears that you are paid up on a Annual membership through October 20th. Per our policy we do deduct $20.00 as a Domain registration fee while cancelling account. I have noticed that refund amount is less than $20.00. Hence, there is no refund due on this account.”

    Are you kidding me? They delete all my stuff and now say they deduct a freakin $20 fee!?!? Wow, pretty dishonest business practices here. I’m pretty mad. It’s a bunch of bull crap. I responded telling them to refund everything. They probably won’t… we’ll see.

  • tom

    Just wanted to say I’m experiencing the dame nightmares w/ justhost as the rest of you. After 4 support tickets and a phone call I’m at the cancellation stage, which seems to me you shouldn’t have to then go to refunds@justhost.com to cancel immediately. They say if I don’t do this my account stays active for another 9 months. Why not just let me out now? They can keep their stinking $5 a month left over, I don’t care, I just want to move on as quickly and painlessly as possible. Help!!!!

    BTW: how on earth did they ever get so many reputable companies to recommend them? Dealing with them is terrible!

  • Al Thomasons

    The cancellation of Justhos.com is really a pain in the axx (sorry for the language, but just to express). Justhost.com support/billing teams were not really helping the cancellation, but created confusion and dragged longer. We were totally dissatisfied and frustrated by the support team responses, provided links, instructions and process. a trap! darn!

    Also, their affiliate/reward program does not pay us a dine when we referred friends to buy their services. We regraded that we did it.

    Bad business practices. Not coming back and referring anyone.

  • Tom

    It gets worse. I was going to file a complaint with the Missouri (state I live in) Attorney Generals office and the Better Business Bureau against them, and I notified them of this. I finally immediately received a response that they were cancelling my service right away and that I would get a refund of the unused balance. What I got instead was a coupon good for $100 of Google adds if I continued to use just host. These guys just don’t get it. I’ll warn everyone I know about these criminals, and that’s what they are. Anyone who operates a business using deceit is a criminal in my book. I can’t believe any reputable website would recommend this company. They are a disgrace.

  • JustHost is just terrible. If you think cancelling is hard, then wait until they actually hit you with the renewal charge for your domain, which adds a whopping 142%!! So, if you paid something like $78 for two years of hosting they try to take $190 off your credit card.

    May they rot in hell!