Just Host database server sucks

Yes, Just Host database server sucks. Why? I am a WordPress user for more than 4 years. I faced “WordPress database error Can’t create/write to file ‘/tmp/#sql_39d0_1.MYI’ (Errcode: 28)” for the first time when using Just Host shared web hosting. What is error 28 meant? Based on Linux, error 28 == no space left on device. Come on, this is what Just Host called ~ Unlimited GB’s of Space??? Does Just Host support team do their job by monitoring server disk space? I doubt that.

The outcome after getting this error 28. WordPress categories and tags are gone. And even worst sometimes, all the posts are gone because database server cannot write anymore on the tmp folder. So basically, your blog are down for good. How frequent do I get this? Once in a week if I am lucky. Else even worst ~ daily…

By the way, you will get this kind of error when all the post are gone ~ “WordPress database error Table ‘./YourBlog/wp_posts’ is marked as crashed and last (automatic?) repair failed for query SELECT wp_posts.* FROM wp_posts…”

  • hehe then what are u waiting for bro..

    TUKARRRR hee

    • I already migrated my blog to HostGator. Just post it to let everyone know how suck is Just Host…

  • you must really hate this hosting. hehehe. i see you been writing about them. hehehe.

  • I think I will start write about “Hostgator database server sucks” very soon. I get the above error on February 2011 but I didn’t notice that time. They said they have fix already. Okay find. I didn’t saw the error anymore on March.

    Then recently it cause my blog to slow down and hundreds of SQL select query error on the log file. Before I tell them this problem, they said there is NO issue with the connectivity at their side and do not trust service like Pingdom to monitor up and down time. I was like WTF.

    Then I show them the sql error and they said the SQL query is too COMPLEX(this is wordpress query only) and maybe other user abuse the resources cause the slow down. They will monitor and find who abuse.

    Now I have to hit 5+ times for each action in order to get the screen display.

    • Err… I was thinking to move back JayceOoi.com to HostGator shared web hosting since it might enough to handle the traffic. Based on your feedback, I better stay with VPS hosting. But really expensive lo.

      P/S – I have no issue to load your page now. Did not face any issue before too. 🙂

      • Yeah. I ask my friends to help me check my blog also and they said no issue. That is because the issue happens every hour and so. Homepage won’t see much impact because W3 Total Cache got help. Even it happens, wordpress is smart enough to run it continuously until the page finish load.

        They even ask me to optimize the queries to make my blog faster but I am not a WordPress developer 🙂

        At least their System Admin is professional. So, I just try to minimize the plugins usage and optimize the htaccess file. Let’s see if it helps.

  • They do suck. 29 out of 30 set ups provided me issues. It’s either wordpress or justhost non stop. I waste so much time because all of these technological services are half assed and don’t work right. Several of my sites have just disappeared and vanished without a trace thanks to Justhost. What the hell are they doing a database disappears or corrupts? Any issue you get you can’t find the solution like you’re the only one on earth that had the problem. Instead you get a bunch of coincidental justhost blogs about how great they are. I’m dumping them.