Just Host web hosting sucks

Back to Just Host sucks series ~ Just Host web hosting sucks. Yes, I did lot of website optimization to improve the loading speed. And tested PrettyGirl2u.com on CloudFlare CDN service too. Found out that PrettyGirl2u did not perform well when overloaded with sudden high traffic (with multiple benchmarks from WebPagetest servers at the same time). At first, I suspected CloudFlare was causing the slowdown issue. But I was wrong in the end…

Just Host web hosting sucks

Lot of tests were performed after disabled CloudFlare service (test result). So just direct load from Just Host with W3 Total Cache WordPress plugin enabled. Just Host web hosting cannot even handle the traffic by just loading the static page with W3 Total Cache’s help. More than 8 seconds are needed to start loading the page. Some tests took even longer time ~ 17 seconds. I wonder how many visitors can stay that long…? By the way, I did the same test on HostMonster and HostGator too. Both of them passed with flying colours…

Are you still going to use Just Host web hosting with this kind of performance?

  • they should rename they company from ‘JustHost’ to ‘JustHostAnywhere’

  • ahmadhaikal

    emmm..you really hate them now, right?

  • Renato

    I was about to sign in on JustHost 🙁
    I just cant find good features with their price
    Can you make the rank of those sites:
    Hostgator, Hostmonster, GoDaddy, Namecheap, FatCow?

    • I am using HostGator now. It is good. 🙂