Last Innity Performance Network Payment?

I received 10 Innity Performance Network Payment already. But Innity yet to be certified as make money online tool at due to 3 of 10 payments were late. Luckily, this payment was on time. But RM 1.00 was deducted as the administration fee.

Innity August & September Payment

Yup, that was my 2 months earning from Innity. They are not the worst because I got RM 0.03 only on October. So I think this is my last Innity Performance Network Payment. Sad to see it goes…

  • shreya

    rotate your ads dude.. something is better than nothing …

  • yahhh. at least you still got something, right?

    • Nope. Not worth to put it as it will slow down the website loading. 😛