Advertlets – The slowest payment advertisement company in town

Advertlets is the slowest payment advertisement company in Malaysia. Why did I say so? They are slow in everything… Support is slow, cheque payment is even slower. Hmm… There is a long story behind Advertlets and Jayce Ooi’s Paradise . Enjoy the story…

Advertlets was the first local online advertisement company that selected in Jayce Ooi’s Paradise . I joined Advertlets on 28 May 2007. I put a lot of hope in this local company during that time. It was better than Nuffnang back then. I managed to get RM50 by writing a review on Advertlets in its RM15,000 for 300 Bloggers Program! Another RM25 for review . Lastly, another RM20 for Roadshow Event Announcement . Besides paid post, a website should have some income on the advertisement. That is the main purpose that I joined Advertlets. However, Advertlets did not want to pay me for what I deserve. And stated that there are a significant amount of click frauds. Therefore, Advertlets denied my 2 cash out on June and August 2007. See what Josh, Advertlets CEO said to me on King of complain is backed!!! post.

Advertlets forfeited all my earning. After complained… Advertlets bla… bla… bla… Give me back RM90 (hey, it should be RM95) in the end. So I decided to give a chance to Advertlets so that I can cash out again when I reach RM100. Finally, I cashed out again in 18 December 2007. It is 7 May 2008 now. After 5 months since I cashed out. I still did not receive any cheque from Advertlets. Of course, I did complain again on 10 March 2007. And Advertlets did the same bla… bla… bla… again and again. What did I do? I removed all the Advertlets advertisement at Jayce Ooi’s Paradise. What is the point of putting Advertlets advertisement when it do not pay at all?

So… How long will I need to wait for this first Advertlets cheque?

For your information, I received 2 cheques from Nuffnang and 1 payment from Google AdSense already. Third Nuffnang cheque is coming very soon. Advertlets is way too slow in everything.

Think twice before sign up with Advertlets. The cash out limit is RM100. You need a very long time to get it if you blog traffic is low. And Advertlets might deny your cash out then.