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LiewCF is one of my targets in blogging world when I started to blog 3 years ago. He and I are almost the same ~ from IT world. Same age as 30 years old. But he became fulltime blogger 5 years ago while I am still surviving in MNC. And blog earning is way too low compare to him. vs.

Hehe… At least’s page views is better than ~ 300K vs. 220K. But unique visitors still shy 40K. This means has lower bounce rate than too. It is hard to retain visitors from search engine. They usually come to the first page and left without browsing for the 2nd page unless your site is interesting to them.

By the way, the data above is coming from DoubleClick Ad Planner. You can check stats here and stats here. You can check yours too. The data are estimated until you share your blog’s Google Analytics data.

Lastly, I always wonder how much does LiewCF earn per month. Does anyone of you see the actual earning amount from him? I cannot find it at his blog. (Maybe I did not search hard enough) :P

  • kenwooi

    haha.. comparing.. it’s a good thing to motivate us i guess? i do that too, im sure you know who i compare my blog with.. =)

    • spBlogger

      Me? hehe…

  • Alvin Lim

    I think he is earning more than $2,800 on last two years ago but no screenshot for that..

  • lankapo

    Really at the same age. He started early. I think the first problogger in Malaysia, rite.

    I believe his income around 6k

    • spBlogger

      6k in RM? Hmm… This is lower than I thought.

  • ChampDog

    You’re not that bad, congratulation! My site has no information at all. :)

  • LiewCF

    hey, good job! :)

    how much I earn is not important. what’s important is how much you earn and how much you enjoy blogging.

    • spBlogger

      Thanks. And you are right. How much you earn is just reference. By the way, happy blogging. :)

  • Diana

    My site no data. I guess traffic not high enough, and I have been blogging since August 2006! Any advise how to get more visitors?

    • spBlogger

      SEO… SEO… SEO… This is all in my mind when come to blogging. Of course, your topic must be popular too. Else nobody will search it. ;)

  • linitakm

    where is your april month report?

    • spBlogger

      Not yet out. Stay tuned…

  • Web design malaysia

    I think you need to improve on your topics of discussion. Liew blog more on general issues like gadgets which has a larger crowd with passion for gadget and not for Malaysia’s happenings. :)

    • spBlogger

      Yes. Yes. US traffic brings more revenue than Malaysia. Will focus on that. Thanks for reminding. ;)

  • AhTim

    Nice comparison. Abt LiewCF earning, what I want to say is “don’t under estimate the power of blog earning”! :)
    Keep it up!

    –blog for dream–

    • spBlogger

      Yes. Blogging can bring lot of earning if you do it right. :D